Groupe ESC Troyes is a training centre built around the Programme Grande Ecole, ranging from a Second-chance School to a Phd one (in partnership with the Reims Champagne- Ardenne University), and including Design Management, Tourism, International and Paramedical/social sector.

Youngest ESC school, funded in 1992, our establishment quickly became a unique training centre thanks to its development and model. 


Growing from 300 to more than 1700 students in 10 years, ESC Troyes Group set the pace on its growth, creation and development capacity. It’s unique development project, simultaneously mixing multi-disciplines, internal/external growth and international, gave the school the opportunity to build a group with an innovative strategy and structure.


Groupe ESC Troyes was born from several generations of builders and entrepreneurs. When the idea of transforming the already existing business and management school into an ESC rooted in the 90’s, the battle had just started. Regional and local authorities have always trusted these kind of projects and they supported the development of the Groupe ESC Troyes into something which was not only multi-disciplinary.

It’s a human sized group, but one with huge ambitions, cultivating the opening for opportunities and lifetime projects with no boundaries while teaching how to keep an open mind and to gain an appetite for entrepreneurship. 

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