Rocio with others students Erasmus in Paris

Meeting with Rocio, an exchange student

Rocio Fernandez De Bobadilla Estevez is an exchange student at Groupe ESC Troyes for one year. Discover her interview!

How did you feel at the beginning, when you came here ?

At the beginning of the year I felt very lost as Troyes and the school are very different from where I  come from. The classes are totally different and it took me a little while to get used to everything. But after a few days I felt like home, I met a lot of kind people, the teachers were very nice and very understanding with the exchange students, so that made me feel comfortable. 

What do you like here, that is not in your native country ?

What I really like from here is the student´s life as there are people from all over the world and I think that’s a very interesting point to take in mind when you come to Troyes.  Here we can also find many activities and things to do that the school organizes for us so every week there is something fun to do.

You have been elected for the price of our ceremony The Awards 2015, as the ERASMUS DELL’ANNO. What was your reaction when you knew that you have been elected ?

At first I was very surprised because I did not expect to win, but I think that is one thing I will always remember and a story to tell.

What do you think about the different classes that our school proposes ?

The classes are really good and we can also choose them even in French or in English, so I think that is a very good opportunity for the exchange students to come and be able to attend to all their classes and understand everything. In the classes I have been also learning how to work with different people from different countries and with different cultures, this is a very important point about what I like of the classes, to be able to share and learn with many people from all over the world. 

What advices can you give to a student who wants to come here ?

The main advice I could give for those who are coming is not to hesitate to join  all the activities and plans that the school offers, to get in touch with everybody and make the most of every second in Troyes. 

Why here and not somewhere else ? What do you think about the city ?

I chose Troyes as it’s a small city and it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know everybody. I also have a friend that was here last year so as he talked to me about how he was here and how great was his Erasmus year. I didn´t hesitate to choose Troyes as my first option in my Erasmus list. 

How long are you staying for? Why did you choose this time ?

I am staying here for ten months, is the amount of months that my university offered me, but I think that ten months are perfect in order to take time and make the most of the experience.